Nương Bắc: a Box of Tết

Year: 2016
Team: Colin Tran, Hoàng Hiệp, Quang Anh Đào
Photographed by 282 Production

Most people stop at the question: what is the better packaging for “bánh chưng” between “lá dong” and “lá chuối”? Nương Bắc thinks there is more to appreciate the traditional rice-cake, not just how you wrap it. Taking inspiration from terraced fields in the Northwest and the iconic color palette of bánh chưng, together we have come up with a creative two-level packaging, transforming bánh chưng to an exclusive gift for Tet Holiday. Most importantly, the name “Nương Bắc” represents its most crucial aspect: Điện Biên’s true origin, from ingredients to techniques, from scratch to finish.

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