Diệp Thanh Trà: Taste the Clouds

Year: 2019
Team: Colin Tran, Hoàng Hiệp
Illustration: Le Qui Ta
Project Manager: Chii Nguyen
Showcase photographed by Quang Tùng

Not all heroes wear a cape. Diệp Thanh Trà is on a mission to revitalize its hometown’s precious gift: the hundreds-year-old Shan Tuyết tea trees and its custom harvesting in Tủa Chùa - Điện Biên.

Only when reaching 1500m above the ground does it reveal a poetic scenery of ethnic farmers tea-picking with joy, which is gradually fading away due to modernization. By using color gradients and homely illustration, COHE visualizes the pure and euphoric feeling that floats around the beautiful long-lived trees, lending a helping hand to preserve the tradition.

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