Quận 5: Dining In Style

Year: 2019
Design Team: Colin Tran, Hoang Hiep
Designers: Le Quy Ta, Tuan Anh Ha
Project Manager: Chii Nguyen
Food photography by Dz.photography
Showcase photographed by Quang Tùng

Quận 5 restaurant’s original idea was to bring two exquisite Southern things to Hanoi: the ambience of China Town in Saigon and the gorgeous smell of its original cuisine. Yes, we are talking about spicy hotpot, roasted duck & everything in between.

It’s a known fact that a lot of the good food in China Town come from small local restaurants, we wanted Quận 5 to embody the charm of your neighborhood eatery—where even the smallest kitchen can serve up big bold flavors.

Without blending too much traditional Chinese element, we uses graphic that are inspired by Vietnamese street patterns and vintage typography.

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